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“Let’s be Bibliophiles"

We started the project with the concern that the joy of reading books is being forgotten in this digital age. The Project was able to focus attention  of the whole school - the students, the faculty and the parents - on the value of books, habit of reading and significance of the School Library Resource Centre.
 I had the opportunity to spend time with the underprivileged students and help them connect with the books. The volunteers from our school also experienced the joy of sharing books.
Book Talks on ‘The Jungle Book’ and other resources made our libraries the most vibrant spaces of the school. The students discussed about various places and cultures across the world. The array of activities kindled the students’ desire for discovering new things with a global perspective. They went over their creative skills and relearned the computer skills. The collaborative team work injected positive interdependence in them.  Attractive Book Marks, Book Covers, Illustrations, and the Posters beautified the classrooms and the libraries. Our regular network with the teachers has proven effective in developing a culture of reading in the school.
The Story-Telling Sessions, conducted by our Class X students for the primary students, added spark to our project. I enjoyed the story-tellers’ growing verbal repertoire and the excitement in the eyes of the audience.
We had planned to assess the activities as a part of Curriculum Assessment with a viewpoint that it would energize even the least diligent student to participate. Rather, somewhere this system interfered with the creative flow of the students. We could have done the activities without any assessment.
 Today, we are happy that our school community has become more library conscious. Our students choose to read, now and forever.  

 Library Project (2013-14)


Every year, we create activities to help the school celebrate the essential role that libraries play in a student’s educational career. The 2013 theme was “ENTER THE REALM OF DELIGHTFUL FANTASY.” Some of the books from the literary genre- fantasy were given as Suggested Reading for the Project.

  International Book Day- To mark this event, a special Assembly was conducted by the School Principal. What a fantastic first day of the yearlong competitions and events! The highlight of the day was the grand Award Ceremony where we celebrated our students’ achievements in “Let’s be Bibliophiles” – Library Project 2012-13. I was thrilled to see the students and faculty taking the Reading Pledge and propagating our message that reading is a great form of entertainment.

  Class VIII students were instrumental in communicating the importance of this message by displaying Class Notice Boards with giant Book Covers, Book Reviews, Book Marks, Slogans on Reading, Story illustrations and other book craft ideas. While conducting this activity, I observed that the participants reflected their love of the written word and had a good time. I began to wonder what the outcome would have been if I had not restricted their creativity with a particular theme.

  Colourful and eye-catching sheets portraying the characters from Gulliver’s Travels with marvelous drawings and powerful adjectives filled everyone with awe. The most interesting feature of the activity was the one when the students posed the challenge to identify the characters and their classmates brainstormed for the correct answers. We got the sheets spiral-bound to create Character Scrapbooks and displayed them in the Library as a resource for Class IX English Novel. Class VII students became well-versed with new authors, books and their characters to play the Matching Game. Students gained awareness about various places and empathized with a variety of cultures.

  One of the significant accomplishments of the project was that the bond between library and the faculty grew much stronger over the course of the year. We appreciated the importance of peer recommendation for students and encouraged the book lovers among them to spread word about their favourite books.  Students were empowered to step up and take the lead or work as a group with others taking the initiative. The project gave a new meaning to reading and reinforced that Library is an amazing resource.



In DAV Public School,Gurgaon, every year, we create activities to help the school celebrate the essential role that libraries play in a student’s educational career.  To mark the international event- World Book Day, a special Assembly was conducted. What a fantastic first day of the yearlong competitions and events! The students and faculty took the Reading Pledge and propagated the message that reading is a great form of entertainment. The members of the Prefectorial Board were instrumental in communicating the importance of books, library, and reading through speeches, thought for the day and poems. The highlight of the day was the library activity -Story Pyramid in which the students imagined stories and filled in the story details in a pyramid format and created colourful bibliographic pyramids. The other enthralling activities were Book Review Writing and Story Illustrations. The celebrations gave a new meaning to reading and reinforced the fact that Library is an amazing resource.



A country is known by its land, people and culture.  Keeping this in mind, students of D.A.V. Sector-14 started a bibliographic voyage around the world.  The voyage started in the month of April with a celebratory note by taking the Reading Pledge by the entire school on the occasion of World Book Day.  The students of class III to V decorated the corridor with colourful bibliographic cut outs of book caterpillar.  Students of Class VI showed their technical expertise in designing PPTs on various famous personalities across the world.  Students of Class VII were re-creator of folktales around the world.  Not only they were the budding authors or illustrators but they narrated those tales in an interactive style to the students of classes I and II.  Students of Class VIII explored different countries through their informative and artistically presented personalized travelogues. Digitized travelogues added a techno- flavour to the collection.
The purpose of the entire project was to recreate resources from the existing ones and to interpret them in another dimension.  It shows that bibliographic resources never cease to exist, they get reincarnated every time. 

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